University of the Pacific values inclusiveness

The Pacific community believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of our institutional mission. We value inclusiveness in learning, curricular and cocurricular programming, campus climate, 招聘, 招生, hiring and retention.

We resolve to foster a community that is open-minded, multifaceted and respectful of all persons.

Kilusan Culture Show
Center for Identity and 包容

The Center for Identity and 包容 (CII) provides enriching and educational opportunities for students to engage in intercultural dialogue, enhance their understanding and global awareness and contribute to the creation of an inclusive and multicultural campus community. CII is home to El Centro, Native American Student Services, Black Student Services, 亚洲, Pacific Islander and Desi Student Services, and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center.

Community Involvement Program

The Community Involvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive, need-based scholarship and retention program for first-generation college students from the Stockton community, who demonstrate the potential for sustainable leadership, community awareness and involvement.

CIP scholars building a house
宗教 and Spiritual Life

宗教 and Spiritual Life exists to provide a safe place for students and others to ask questions about meaning and purpose in life, often in relation to a supreme being, 世界, and others around you. We also hope to encourage all people, whether religious or spiritual, of faith or no faith, to think intelligently about religion and how it affects society, and to promote healthy dialogue between people of all religious positions.

Pacific Promise Scholars

The Pacific PROMISE Scholars program helps former foster care and homeless students see higher education as a path toward achieving their dreams. 自2012年以来, we have worked with students to develop a foundation for success in college through advocacy, assistance and 支持. Pacific believes it's important to help these students as they do not always have the 支持 needed to be successful in college.

Promise Scholar Medals
Success Student Studying

成功三 is a US Department of Education grant-funded program serving first-generation, underrepresented students. Services for SUCCESS-TRiO students include: include tutoring, direct 金融 assistance, 学术, 金融, 个人, and career counseling. The mission is to provide holistic and effective retention services to eligible students by empowering them in their 学术, 个人, and social development.

Volunteer Center

The purpose of the Volunteer Center is to inspire, 支持, and prepare students to successfully address their concerns through service to the community and the society in which they live. Thousands of students, 工作人员,  and board members have influenced countless lives within San Joaquin County through various clubs and organizations.


Students painting wall for service day
Pacific Service Day